Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

Pharmaceutical Wastewater Treatment

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Effluent Treatment Plant For Pharmaceuticals

We offer customers Effluent Treatment Services that include Design of Effluent Treatment Plant For Pharmaceuticals, Study the generation of effluent, Source reduction & Source separation of effluents. After determining quality & quantity, we design the effluent treatment schemes for achieving Zero discharge. Some of the steps involved include:

Primary treatment:

Primary treatment includes bar screen chamber, Coagulation equipment, Flocculation equipment, Primary Clarifier and Neutralizing Agents

  • It features assured levels of heavy metal removal.
  • Each of the systems built as per the specific requirements of the customers.
  • Each and every process is modified to perfectly suit local conditions thereby ensuring hassle free operations.
  • Level of pretreatment adjusted to meet downstream equipment tolerances.
  • Special recovery systems for recovering Acids, Precious Metals and other effluents.

Secondary Biological Treatment:
  • Biological Systems complete with diffuser based aeration systems.
  • These systems are made for High rate removal of COD/BOD thus offering highest level of treatment possible.
  • Proven technology for removal of Ammonia from waste water that contain high amount of ammonia especially from pharma effluent.
  • Very high COD removal for given electrical power consumption.
  • High ruggedness with many installation working in hostile environment.
  • Treated effluents Ideally suited for feed to tertiary RO plants for recycling back to process.

Tertiary Treatment:

  • Tertiary treatment involves UF and RO plant for recovering more than 80% of water & recycle back to process.